One day ……

People never cease to amaze me…. I learn a little bit more everyday..
The good the bad and the ugly.. That’s when I learn you just breath, close your eyes, handle it in your own way, then move on.. Completely ignoring what just happened or else you will dwell on it forever.. It affects you somehow or another. Now or in the future. 

Forgeting is never easy and shouldnt be the effect but in this da

y and time, there’s not much you want to remember.. just saying… On that note, talk your talk..walk your walk… but i listen.. i observe.. and i act… all based on what I learn… You might think your getting away with it now but there will come a time that you till be in my shoes… And it’s at that time you will realize… You have Feelings…Yea them things you cant control…Man or woman enough as you are… It will all come down.. And hopefully you won’t be all alone becuase everyone is tired of your ‘ways’. But it’s then that you will realize the pain and effects of your ways… And that is the reassurance I need to tell myself… KARMA…


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