He says Im a Bit**

So I guess the way relationships are to work now is you are to put yourself last, ignore that he pays the game more attention to you, and gets mad when you try to spend time together. A  roommate.. I cannot say one thing and then it’s OMG your smothering me. hmmmmm…. Its sad… i aka your girlfriend gets far less attention than your ‘games’, you go to sleep at 4 am., i dont bother you during the day…you refuse to do anything productive for the house..your work a few hours.. i make your dinner, bed and wash your clothes.. and you come home asking where is the computer? I dont think i know what it means to be treated ‘like a queen’ and you will never allow me to believe that it happens.  your girlfriend is your, well MY computer… and facebook games are your wife.i hope you realize that it really isnt right… i also hope i realize the pros outweighs the cons.


2 thoughts on “He says Im a Bit**

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