My Daily Reminder…

You are beatiful. You are smart. You are funny. You are kind. You are unique and worthy of love AND affection.YOu are NEVER too much and you are ALWAYS enough. You are precious. You are a diamond.  A rose, a pearl, the MOST stunning of all God’s creation. YOU  are worth more than you could EVER imagine. Worth more than the number’s on the scale, or the products you use. or the shoes you wear.More than how many girls wish they where you, or how many guys wish they had you. MORE than the price tag on your clothes, the percentage on your math test, or even thenumber of followers you have on twitter. YOUR WORTH surpasses all things. YOU are loved and worth dying for, regardless of who you think you are.Whether you model in a magazine, or you model pottery with grandma. Whether your on the hot list, or the not list.Whether your head school cheerleader or high school drop out. Whether your MISS POPULAR or YOU NEVER had someone you could call a friend. Whether you LOVE YOURSELF, and love your life or you CANT STAND TO LOOK in the mirror.  YOU ARE AWESOME.


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