DAY 2 WORD101 A room with a VIew

If I could get anywhere, I would not think twice… I once had a dream of a place, so tranquil, so perfect, It was too good to be true. I was happy, and carefree. There was no electronics, no drama, no negativity.  This is that place


There is no skyline beyond the deep blue ocean. The clear blue runs as far as the eye can see plus eternity’s more.. The imagination is not needed here because it is already fully complete. The sun is a bright, heated, radiant orange and pink. The clouds are glowing pink and orange as the sun slowly sets glistening the water like diamonds. The seagulls majestically fly around, miles and miles, of glistening sand. The land is non-existent, only small islands formed in the shape of clovers.. Reefs outlining each one, divided by ankle high warm water. The sand is the road you travel, for there is no means of cars, boats, or helicopters. Each clover island, a hut for a home. Children running, splashing the land, small bridges linking each one to another. Imagine a lily pad, floating around. This is the land, where the children’s toys are found. Dolphins and fish, swim , twirling around. I dive deeper, the dolphins around. I twirl with them, the school of fish, scattered quickly around me. Coming back to sight, I look again. At the paradise I live, no cable, no phone, no tv. Technoloy is not needed here. In the land of paradise city.


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