Day 1 word101 post.. Just write…..

So I am just to write whatever is on my mind for the next 20 minutes. First thing is I’m eating myself up for being a day late on this 1st big assignment I was set on doing. Between worrying about school online and at night, work during the day, and keeping my family together, training and raising for the 3 day walk, and making sure my son is in soccer this fall my goals and ambitions might be just too high. I took on this challenge because I love to write. Writing is a sense of release, words that show emotion only you and that paper understand. Ink stains that cover pain, joy, anger and every other emotion known to exist. Like a man’s best friend, the dog, paper and pen don’t judge you. It won’t talk back, or laugh at you; nope not even stab you in the back. It listens, though it knows your deepest secrets. As long as I can write, I’ll never be alone. I’ll always have that one companion and as long as my brain and hand communicate with the paper and pen, I will always be free. Free to inspire myslef and others. Free to learn what it takes to make it.  Free to express  what I want, how I want, and when I want. Poetry, song, or venting to the world. I know that my words will not only help me but help others. The poetry is so deep people are quick to judge, but just take it in. Broaden your horizon, and imagine if it was your shoes. Only then will you be able to understand my writings. Trust is not in my heart, so you will see, who has proved their devotion to me. It’s not a lie, or judging game, I love to write, thus I’ll never change. I just hope my writing shows you, everyone’s life is full of these trials. So never judge, remember your goals, trust in yourself, go for #1.It might be bad, but it could be worse. At least your alive, to read these words…


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