How dare we jUDGE

How dare we jUDGE

While your laughing at her clothing,

she’s hiding all the bruises.

While you talk about his accent,

he’s tormented because of his heritage.

While you sleep in peaceful dreams,

they hide from all the violence.

While thinking so much of yourself,

the baby is slowly dying.

While you laugh, and smirk, and snare,

she slowly cuts deeper.

The pig you’ve learned to call her,

is battling anxoreia demons.

While he’s trying to fit in,

he’s tempted to pull the trigger.

While you up and left him on the street,

the bullets stopped him from breathing.

Though you call them family,

you’ll get stabbed with a two edged sword.

She told you her secrets, of fear, in confidence,

now the world knows her deepest unknowns.

She trusted your hands, but you made them a serpent,

piercing her every being.

He looked at his dad, then pulled the trigger,

sick of the drug life he lived.

She dealt with the touching, though not willing,

all for her family’s sake.

She’s dying of cancer, yet staying strong,

though not one of you even knew it.

Mother, daughter, employee and friend,

keeping a horrific secret.

Though when she did die, she died in a misery,

silent that no one had saw.

The silent girl, living a secret life,

learned in the end, she wasn’t wanted.


COPYRIGHT Felisha Warr


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