Did You Miss This? Get Off the Beaten (Domain) Path

The Daily Post

Blogging 101 folks are thinking about their titles and tagline and 201 bloggers are focused on their brands — a perfect time to explore a side of domains you might not have thought about before! Here’s a piece from Hot off the Press that might inspire some domain brilliance.

Lots of bloggers add a custom domain to their WordPress.com sites to simplify their URLs. But what happens if the one you want isn’t available, or you want an address that’s a bit . . . different?

Enter the offbeat domain. You’ve seen them around the internet; think of sites like:

  • deli.cio.us, the social bookmarking site.
  • bit.ly, the link-shortening tool.
  • ma.tt, personal blog of Automattic founder and WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg. 

Of course, you might see URLs like this on other sites as well — like picturesofthin.gs, my own humble photo blog. That’s because no special technical…

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